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On the third day of Christmas

It’s here! Can you feel it? The smell of crisp frosty air in the morning, cozy sweaters, fuzzy socks, hot chocolate, and fires aglow in the fireplace. Winter has finally arrived, and with it, my favorite holiday. I love the snow-blanketed ground sparkling in the soft glow of the sun, white covered trees, and twinkling Christmas lights breaking through the night sky. There’s something enchanting about Hallmark holiday shows, snuggling under a blanket on the couch, or listening to Christmas music.
There’s no denying, this time of year is truly magical. 

In honor of the third day of Christmas, the day we remember the first gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh given to the Christ child, I’d like to share with you my three most magical Christmas memories.

I was an Air Force brat living on many different bases in various states. While living in Alaska, I became very sick the week of Christmas. On Christmas Eve, I went to bed to the sounds of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in the background and great anticipation in my heart. When I woke Christmas morning, I was unable to see. I tried to open my eyes, but they wouldn't budge no matter how hard I fought. In panic, I scrambled from my bed and plastered myself to the wall, using it to guide me toward the noises below. I called out, but the bustle of Christmas morning was loud and my voice drown in the sounds of laughter and joy. I called again as I stumbled down the first step when I heard the voices of my parents. It was then I learned my eyes had crusted shut during the night.

With a warm washcloth and some gentle words, I felt at peace as my eyes slowly eased open. What I saw was amazing. The silhouettes of two angels against the background of twinkling lights hovered over me. In my five-year-old mind, I knew I’d seen heavenly beings helping me through a terrifying moment. 

I closed my eyes one last time, and when they finally opened and my vision cleared, the angels were gone, replaced with my parents. Years later, I realized those heavenly angels and my parents were one in the same, always watching over me. The image of my parents haloed in bright Christmas lights has stayed with me forever.

My next magical moment came after I was married with children. Our big gift was a surprise trip to Disneyland, leaving the day of Christmas. Can you say excitement? Ages fourteen, thirteen, and seven, we packed out car and headed out for the Magical Kingdom with three other families. The ride was brutal, but we had a wonderful time reading, laughing, singing, and preparing for the fun week ahead. The fun was short lived.

Shortly after arriving, my seven-year-old son came down with strep throat, allowing us the full tour of California as we found our way to the emergency room.The following day, after his medicine kicked in, he was confident he would enjoy Disneyland with the family. Within an hour, he was crying as I carried him down main street as he chanted, “I hate this place!” My son hated the ‘happiest place on earth’. Additionally, my fourteen-year-old daughter’s knee swelled like a balloon and she enjoyed the park from the confines of a wheel-chair.

Why does this adventure stand out? We made many memories that Christmas and to this day, my children remember every detail of our trip. When we lost most of our pictures in a computer crash, the memories were all we had. For all of the mishaps, the memories outweighed even the hardest moments. Isn't that was magic is all about?

Lastly, I need to share with you the Christmas after my father died. It was a sudden death, one that no one saw coming. My father went fishing, something he did a thousand times a year, and drown while trying to recover his boat after it blew into the water without him.

That Christmas was extremely hard, not having my father there. My mother, in her loving wisdom, made each child a rag-time quilt with patches of my father’s flannel shirts. She spent many hours on each quilt so we could have a physical reminder of him always. Words cannot express  how I felt that moment I held that quilt in my hands.

Christmas time is full of special moments for all of us, little sprinkles of happiness that bring a touch of magic to our lives, if but for a moment. This Christmas season as we find ourselves in the chaos of the holidays, I pray that each of you are able to experience some Sprinkles of Christmas Magic that you will remember for years to come.

Happy Holiday’s, Merry Christmas, and God Bless!
M.M. Roethig

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