Friday, December 12, 2014

On the first day of Christmas...

Nearly a year ago, we decided to open a small publishing company. We'd already started a company previously called Prose by Design, but because we'd gone into it without a clear and concise vision, the time eventually came when we realized what our original intent was had been lost somewhere along the way. Rather than restructure, we decided to give our authors their rights back and just start fresh, Thus the birth of Creative Prose Publishing.

"We" consists of Sherry Gammon, a successful YA author who has a book currently being developed into a movie (Unloveable) and Cindy C Bennett, a YA author whose latest title was acquired by Skyscape Books, an Amazon publishing company. We're both passionate about the success of our authors and doing everything we can to help them in their career. Even if they choose to publish themselves or with another company, we still consider them our "baby chicks" and, like mother hens, we're fiercely protective of them.

In the past year we have published 5 books, had one contest which resulted in a published anthology, published another anthology of fantasy Christmas stories, and republished 2 anthologies from Prose by Design. We've signed another 3 books which will be released over the next 3 months. Best of all, we've managed to sign an amazing group of authors who are not only talented, but are also so supportive of one another they've become like family.

We're very excited about all of our authors and the diversity of stories we've published. Below you can read each of the titles we have available and a small bit about the author, as well as read about the three books we have coming up!

We celebrate the ONE YEAR of success we've had, and hope to have many more with more authors like the ones we have now. Visit our blog to read about us and get further detail about our authors and their books.

OUR AUTHORS AND THEIR BOOKS (listed in order of publication with CPP)

BUY THIS BOOK Jamie will be here on December 19th with a humorous post about eight awesome Christmas gifts.

BUY THIS BOOK Debra will be here on December 15th to talk about Christmas as Big Pine Lodge.

BUY THIS BOOK Tifani will be here on December 16th to talk about five golden Christmas tales.

BUY THIS BOOK Rachel will be here on December 17th to talk about love, cats, and wrecked trees.

BUY THIS BOOK M.M. will be here December 14th to sprinkle us with Christmas magic.

PRE-PURCHASE HAVEN WAITING As mentioned above Tifani will be here December 16th.
PRE-PURCHASE HONORABLE DISGRACE Stephanie will be here December 23rd to talk about ways to keep a Christ centered Christmas.
PRE PURCHASE THE GIFT OF LIES Norma will be here on December 20th to give us the history of the ninth reindeer - Rudolph (of course).

Laurie will be here on December 21st to let us in on her top 10 favorite Christmas movies.
Candace will be here on December 22nd with a post about eleven elves.
As mentioned above, Jamie will be here December 19th and M.M. will be here December 14th.

BUY LOVING MARIGOLD Sherry will be here on December 18th to share with us things she's grateful for.
BUY HALFLING Cindy will be here December 13th to talk about all the good things that come in pairs.

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