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Another wonderful review!! Thanks so much Danielle

This is the first non paranormal book i have read in a whole lot of years and to be honest i didn't know if i would enjoy reading any other genre .... well I'm glad to say i didn't just enjoy it i LOVED it no loved is an understatement of how i feel about this book i am in awe of it ! "Unlovable" is an amazing story of tragedy, Love and Hope and how sometimes life can be a bigger trial than we ever expected but if we never give up and if we can learn to allow others to love us even if that means risking getting out hearts broken the trials can seem easier to bear and unconditional love can help heal even the deepest of wounds .... "Unlovable" had me laughing and crying and feeling emotions no book has provoked in me before ..Its so well written that i had to remind myself that i was not really a part of their world .. i read several nights till 2am because i just couldn't put it down but the whole time i was thinking i should stop because i want to savour this beautiful story. I'm totally in love with this book and its characters, Maggie, Seth & Booker are incredible people with generous loving hearts, compassion and a willingness to love and be loved even when life has thrown them into horrific circumstances. Unlovable is an incredible and beautifully written story about NEVER giving up not on yourself, not on love and not on humanity! I really cant describe in words the affect this phenomenal book has had on me all i can say is it is a story i think everyone should read because there is so much to gain and enjoy.

I give "Unlovable" 10 out of 5 stars because it stands out and is unlike anything i have ever read and its impact will be with me for a lifetime , i will be reading it again and cant wait till my daughters until all my children are old enough to read it, learn from it and enjoy it! If you only read One book your entire life i recommend it be "Unlovable"

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Great interview!

Sherry Gammon Author Interview and Giveaway!

Today I had the pleasure to interview the wonderful Sherry Gammon, author of the YA novel UNLOVABLE. You can read my review here. She answered many questions here for us on the blog and has also generously provided us with a giveaway for her readers! So, without further ado, here is my interview with Sherry:

Destiny: What was your inspiration to write Unlovable?
Most YA authors stick to paranormal, and those who write contemporary, rarely touch on such sensitive subject matter.

Sherry:Honestly, UNLOVABLE started out as a paranormal story, but me and my brilliant thinking(NOT!) thought the paranormal market was going to dry up!! I rewrote it as a contemporary …but honestly I LOVED it as a paranormal!! I am doing another story, and I’m going to use the stuff I delete in that book. I LOVE paranormal!

Destiny: Was much research involved in the writing process?

Sherry: Not a lot. I didn’t know snot about guns, so I had to research guns! Nor hypothermia! I got it wrong and had to amend it with Cole telling Seth the “Proper” way to handle hypothermia.

Destiny: I know when I was in school, we were supposed to have had an "undercover cop" in our high school. How did you come up with this idea?

Sherry: In the paranormal story, Seth worked for the paranormal council, the governing body of the paranormal world. So when I changed it, I made him a cop.

Destiny: Your novel was very clean of sexual content and language. Was that done purposely to make it more widely readable to a larger age range?

Sherry: Yes, plus I wanted a story my girls could read. Can you imagine reading a sex scene written by your mother EWWWWW! Plus, there are a bazillon books with sex as the focus. It was not what I wanted it to be the focus of mine book.

Destiny: This book would be a fabulous tool for kids to have when they are in a situation and think they don't have anyone like them that they can relate to. Did that cross your mind when you were writing Unlovable?

Sherry: Very much so. UNLOVABLE is very real! I grew up with two girls that suffered like this and it was where I got my inspiration from. We also did foster care, and I saw a lot of sick, dark things. It can be a real ugly world sometimes.

Destiny: This is book one in a series. Will the next book's character's face similar real-life struggles?

Sherry: Unlovable is a huge emotional drain, that’s for sure. Book 2, not so much. I hope people won’t be too disappointed! Book 2 is more about revenge, growth and decisions. Do we let the circumstances in our life control us, or do we take control. Sweet lovable Cole is about to get his sock blown off, too! Book 3, Yes! More trauma, and dark secrets!!

Destiny: When can we expect the next book?

Sherry: I am shooting for December!

Destiny: Is there anything you would like to add?

Sherry: I just want to thank you and all the book bloggers that give our books a voice. Self-published authors have a tough rode fighting the BIG publishers, and without great people like you, we wouldn’t stand a chance! And one more thing NEVER GIVE UP! It is the theme for the PORT FARE SERIES. Life is tough, but you must NEVER give you! You weren’t put here to wallow with the turkeys, get up and fly! That’s probably a little dramatic, but it is how I feel deep inside. Hang on and never give up. No matter how dark it gets, the sun will shine again. You can MAKE it happen! Get up and fly!

A BIG THANK YOU to Sherry for such a fabulous interview!! If you would like to enter to win a copy of UNLOVABLE, you can click on the link below to fill out the entry form. Sherry is offering the following:


The giveaway will be open until midnight September 15th. One entry per person, multiple entries will be deleted. Have fun!
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My cover artist!

My cover artist, Paul Beeley, and the covers he design for my on a really fun book blog called FiveAlarmbookReviews: