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Paperback Book Giveaway!

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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Below are a few of the reviews for UNLOVABLE from off, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads!
Donna's review
Jun 26, 11

5 of 5 stars
Wow! I think I’m going to follow the lead of my friend Haley (whose review is here: and give you a few quote’s from the book because I honestly don’t know where to start with this review….so here goes;

He peered into my eyes and it felt as if he was burrowing into the dark recesses of my soul. His fingers ran softly across my cheek, brushing away the tear. There was an undeniable tenderness about him and it made my heart flutter. – Maggie

I thought about Maggie standing in my door just over three hours ago. It took all I had not to pull her into my arms and kiss her. There she stood with her wet, snow-packed clothes plastered to her malnourished frame and those hapless blue eyes driving tears down her waxy hollowed cheeks, begging me to kiss her. Everything inside me screamed, “Hurry, before she changes her mind!” Nevertheless, I didn’t! “Yup, I deserved a medal” – Seth

Unlovable is truly an amazing story!

The story follows the lives of Maggie and Seth. Maggie being a 17 year old girl, who is half starving because her mother would rather drink alcohol than put food on their table. Maggie has spent all her life living with her mother and suffering years of emotional abuse. Her mother constantly telling her she’s an unlovable nothing and soon Maggie starts believing her.

Seth is a high school student or so he appears to be. He’s really an uncover cop trying to stop drug crime in Port Fare. He’s always has a slight crush on Maggie but when an assignment comes up involving Maggie, he has no choice but to get to know her better.

As their lives quickly intertwine they are thrown into a wonderful self-discovering and loving relationship but they also put into a dangerous situation when there is a dangerous killer on the loose… that could cost them their lives.

Again, I’m going to say Unlovable is a truly an amazing story. This story had me captivated from page one and even though I finished it a few hours ago, I’m still thinking about it now. When Sherry Gammon asked me to review her work, I’ll be honest, I’d never heard of her work before but wow! I totally wish I had because I would have made sure I had read this book a long time ago. Sherry has created a heart breaking story that will leave us readers with hope that everyone can be loved and will get a happy ending they deserve. Not only has she wrote a captivating story but she’s managed to write about a very hard subject which is completely raw, passionate and truly breath-taking.

Our two main characters are well developed and easy lovable. Maggie and Seth are two completely different people but two people willing to see the better in everybody else. Maggie has so many hard times with her mother but even through it, she is still as loyal as ever to her. She’s one strong person and felt completely real to me. Now Seth is just an amazing character all round. He sees the person Maggie really is even if her appearance isn’t what it should be. He’s kind, generous, selfless and he’s definitely stole the show for me in this book.

The story itself is an emotional rollercoaster. I managed to feel so many different emotions while reading it and I felt I really connected with the characters. I loved that we got to see a part of the killer’s journey too, is only a few chapters but it’s enough to keep you going through the whole book knowing that something dangerous is going to happen. I also loved the secondary characters like Booker and Cole and I’m really interested to see their journey’s next in the next of the series.

Overall, I think any fans of Simone Elkeles or Jennifer Echols will absolutely fall in love with Sherry’s work like I have. Read it guys! It’s truly not a story you want to miss out on.

P.S Its only 69p on Kindle! BUY IT and show this author your support!

Thank you to Sherry for giving me the opportunity to review her work.

June 19, 2011, J. Omullane "Book Whisperer" (Bloomington, IN) 5 out of 5 stars: UNLOVABLE Must read!
Unlovable is a remarkable love story. Captivated within the first pages, this was a thrilling and quick read. I have found myself to be a sucker for the undercover ops men, but this was much more than the mysterious undercover gorgeous man. It was a story about Maggie, and her acholoic mother. It was about this young woman's courage to overcome everything that she should be and could be; to become something exceptional. More importantly it was about this young man's ability to see the superficial layers, and fall in love this poor abused girl that is too stubborn and hard headed to accept charity from anyone. Readers will envy the relationship of these two love birds. Indiviually they are giving and wonderful people, but together they are awe inspiring and exceptional. Both with difficult pasts Maggie and Seth are mature beyond their years. The level of commitment in the store with stop readers dead in their tracks. I loved every heartfelt minute of this story, and I am distraught to see it all come to a close. Although, the highlight of my day was finding their will be two more books in the series. Book 2 will be the story of Cole, and book 3 will be the story of Booker. Though I must say that I believe I might stay a little partial to Seth and Maggie; I hope the next books will somewhat include them as well. I would recommend this read to anyone that liked books such as: Pefect Chemisty, The Girl I Used to Be, anything by Jennifer Echols, or Leaving Paradise. This was a truly breath taking love story that you don't want to miss.
Haley's review
Jun 23, 11

5 of 5 stars
The few times I'd Run into her in the hallway, my tongue had swollen to the size of a small whale, essentially blocking off oxygen supply to my brain -Seth

Unlovable was a story that I don’t even know where to start with, it is incredible, amazing, perfect, super, and completely LOVABLE.

Maggie Brown has convinced herself she truly is unlovable, and why shouldn't she believe that, her always drunk mother reminds her of it every day. Of course there is Seth..Seth Mr.Popular at Port Fare High..but he couldn't possibly love Maggie..could he?

Seth Prescott is an undercover cop, his current job? Attend Port Fare High, and get close to Maggie and find out if her mom knows anything about the current drug rates going up in Port Fare, while trying to stop the murders also going on in Port Fare...Seth has had secret feelings for Maggie for a long time...and this job is finally gonna be the thing that forces him to talk to her.

This book was..WOW just amazing. It is so beautiful, I could not believe how good this story was, I went into it thinking it was just gonna be OK! It blew my mind! I started reading this one night and couldn’t stop..I had to stay up until I finished the whole thing..and once it ended all I wanted was for it to continue! I wanted no NEEDED more of Maggie and Seth! There Romance is one of the best I have read ever !

Maggie as a character was great, she is so caring and so strong. Her mom emotionally abuses her almost every day and yet she still loves her and tries to care for her mother. You couldn’t help, but love Maggie. You also couldn’t help feeling sorry for the poor girl..the things her mother says..are some of the most hurtful things a mother could ever say to their child. Yet still Maggie stayed strong. She truly was an amazing chick! She has become one of my favorite Lit-Chicks for her awesomeness (:

NOW onto Seth..

Seth is perfect. He is handsome, mature, sweet, caring, and just well perfect He wants nothing more than for Maggie to open up to him and let him love her and take care of her, and throughout the whole book that is his main concern, caring for Maggie, protecting Maggie, and most importantly trying to convince Maggie he loves her.

Unlovable was truly an amazing story, it had everything romance, action, mystery, thrill, everything. If you are looking for a strong story with beautiful romance then Unlovable is for you!

--Unlovable is mainly from Maggie's point of view, but every few chapters is from Seth's point of view (:

Unlovable is the first of a trilogy!

I also thought I would share some of my favorite quotes:

"The few times I'd Run into her in the hallway, my tongue had swollen to the size of a small whale, essentially blocking off oxygen supply to my brain"-Seth

"She makes you nervous, huh? Must be love. Puppy love anyway." "Shut up, Booker"-Seth and Booker

Scooping up the mail off the wobbly kitchen table, I thumbled through it while standing next to our trash bin. One was addressed to me: Maggie Brown, You may already be a $ 1,000,000 winner! "Goodie, my troubles are over" -Maggie

"Crying? What the heck was wrong with me? It must be PMS! I stayed a few steps behind him secretly drying my face and running through a calendar in my mind"-Maggie

"You know, I'm surprised the three of us can fit in your car"..."Three? I do believe there are only two of us."..."Me, you, and your over-sized ego. I believe that makes three." -Maggie and Seth

I whacked him on the arm. "hmm, did a butterfly just land on me?" He glanced around pretending to look for some nonexistant bu.- Maggie and Seth
June 12, 2011, Lesley Bucio 5.0 out of 5 stars ...Deliriously, unbelievably, fantastic!
This review is from: Unlovable (The Port Fare Series) (Kindle Edition)
Wow, can I just say it was an incredible story? No? Too late, already did! Sherry Gammon certainly doesn't do things half-ass when writing! The way she's woven the lives of the characters in Unlovable is nothing short of amazing. I was a weary at first because it was in such a low cost--granted I bought it via e-ink but still, though maybe I wouldn't have bought it otherwise. So glad I did, thank you Sherry Gammon!!!

We basically have your hot undercover cop cliche down packed (in a good way), troubled co-dependent teen as a heroin (no pun intended!), and a town with a heroine epidemic in the mist of it all. It is told in Seth's (undercover hottie), Maggie (co-dependent), and little snips of Bill and Alan (heroine suppliers) point of views.

Naturally, Seth and Maggie are the main characters, though you really develop strong feelings for Cole and Booker (Seth's bffs) through Seth's narrative on who they came to be so close, that's just how great of a writer Gammon is, truly! You really hate the the women who gave birth to Maggie all throughout the book in the mist of a major snot-fest as you read of the heinous acts she does to Maggie. Given that, you develop if not compassion than certainly understanding (again, way to go Gammon! I don't think anyone else could have orchestrated that as beatifically as you did). With that said, I was never won over by her, less so at the end.

Maggie comes off as an emotionally scarred girl hell bent on the approval from a women who gave birth to her--I chose not to call her a mother! She is fragile and delicate both physically and emotionally. though a tough cookie all together. I really loved her so much I still cry every time I think of the things she underwent. It seemed close to blasphemous for a girl such as her to go through all that, though I felt better she had Seth throughout the hard stuff. Seth... Wow, where to begin? He is really something all his own. I don't want to say much because I want you to fall head over heels without my help. It did seem that he fell for Magpie all too fast in my book though, but it had to happen. I also got miffed about the no love scenes, though maybe I'm used to reading juicy things like that in my young adult novels (take Forget You by Jennifer Echols for example, just the right amount of action) though I really hope with the next two books coming out--Unbelievable and Unbearable--Gammon will allow that, considering that the main characters--Cole & Booker!--are old enough, unlike Seth(21) and Maggie(17), though really if we're being realistic, Ms. Gammon, in real life they would have already been well into it. but I digress given that Seth's father was a Chaplin and inevitably instilled high morals into his son. Though she is part of our GoodReads' Clean Romantic Novel's club...sigh.

Speaking of Magpie, I truly can't wait for Unbearable, I'm going to have such a field day reading it due to the fact that the main character will feature Booker, the 28 year-old hot MET Captain, turned hot lawyer in this book!! (If you're reading this Ms. Sherry Gammon, please fill me in on the release dates for both please!!!!!!!)

Okay, enough dilly-gagging and buy the book already! This is my first true rating for any book--I think I did good--and I wouldn't have done it for any other book that instilled such profound emotions in me otherwise. Get going, buy buy BUY!!!

May 28, 2011 bvampgirl71 5.0 out of 5 stars loves this book! Want more now please,

I read the book in one day! I couldn't put it down!!! You will be hooked! Give this book a try!!! When will the other two books be out?

February 17, 2011 Erin Denise Graham Steele 5.0 out of 5 stars A MUST READ!!!!!
Unlovable is an intriguing and beautiful story! I couldn't put it down either time I read it. I love how the author pulled in a myriad of current issues. I felt like I was Maggie during the Maggie chapters, and like I was Seth during the Seth chapters. I cried, I laughed, I got mad...Sherry Gammon is an incredible author! I HIGHLY recommend this book!

January 21, 2011 Hollyberry - 5.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME!!,
I loved it!!! One of the best books I have read in a long time. I loved how it was in Seth and Kate's point of view. I laughed, I cried, bit my nails off with suspense. I recommend it to anyone who loves to read quality books!

Feb. 7, 2011 Jamie rated it 5 of 5 stars

This is the story of a young woman who hasn't been dealt a fair hand in life. It is a story of the journey of the relationship with her alcoholic mother, as well as everything she has to deal with as a high school senior: including a new boy in school who may just be what she has been waiting for. But despite all of the hard knocks in her life, she has to come to terms with the fact that she can be loved.