Monday, April 22, 2013

Three more blog tour reviews!

1. The best part of this book is the dialogue. It is witty and easy. It reads like people actually talk, and while humourous, also showcases the love the characters have for each other.
Just like the first book, my favourite character was Booker. He has such a strong personality that his character stands out from the rest. While he isn’t portrayed in the best light in this book, he still comes across as real and heroic. I can’t wait for his book, which I assume the third book will be about. I even  think I can guess who the love interest will be, based on a few hints and scenes from this book.
Thank you so very much, Sarah!
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2. You know the thing that does it for me about a novel is the characters. Gammon's characters are all very vivid and real. You will feel like they are your friends, and you will care about what happens to them. Cole and Lilah are actually likable, and likable characters, for some reason, have become increasingly uncommon in the literature I've read lately.
This book has a fantastic plot too. Lilah comes to Port Fare seeking her father's revenge on Seth, Maggie, and Booker, who we met in book one, Unlovable....
he things that really matter to me in a book--great characters, skillful writing, knowledgeable author, execution of plot, romance--were all there.
Thank  you Misty!

3. The characters in “Unbelievable” are well developed and will steal your heart. Follow, Deliah Lopez Dreser on an adventure of love,revenge,danger,family royalty,and friendship. And Cole, an ER doctor who may just steal her heart and some friends from the previous book,”Unlovable”. Each chapter is written either from Deliah or Cole’s point of view which gives you a clearer image of their feelings for each other as they evolve

Thanks, April of My Book Addiction Reviews!
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