Monday, April 29, 2013

Thank you Wanda of Good Choice Reading!

Last stop on the blog tour and going out with a bang! Check out this excerpt from the tour stop:
Wow! Oh wow! Ms. Gammon delivered yet again like she did in Unbelievable. When I finished reading Unlovable first book in series, I was blown away and couldn't wait to dig into the next one. But as much as I wanted the next book, I didn't think I could love another character like I loved the first two. I'm one of those girls that when I start reading a series I fall in love with my characters. So Ms. Gammon outdid herself. I absolutely LOVED Lilah. She was just as a victim as Maggie was. She was a sweet girl. One thing about Gammon is that she writes very descriptive. So descriptive I can actually see everything I read vividly in my head. And I really enjoyed that about this book, every paragraph I read was a vivid scene.

Check out Wanda's the full review on her website Good Choice Reading here:

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  1. Thank you Sherry! I just noticed this today. Your book was amazing and I can't wait for the next installment.