Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New cover!!

Okay, The cover for book 2, UNBELIEVABLE, is done!! Pick your fave and leave me a comment.

The Pictures are the same only the font/color is different! Notice the paint brush in her hand has yellow paint, like some of the words;}


  1. the 5th is my favorite, the enchanting brightness of the suns rays in the top left is the nicest in that one
    the last one is my least favorite

  2. I like number five. But it will be cool if you could change the author's name font to the one of the fourth cover. So it would be cover number five with the author's font of number four.

  3. I like the top one and the bottom one I think the only difference between them is the bottom one has bolder print where as the top one is finer print which I like better so if I have to chose between the 2 I say the top because it makes it look more delicate and feminine

  4. #5 is my favorite, but your name has to be in a less goofy font. I love the yellow paint thang on "believable." Another home run, SB!