Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Beautiful review!

I got a beautiful review on Goodreads today and I wanted to share it!! Thanks Mollie!

Mollie Harper rated it 5 of 5 stars
It's next to impossible to find the words to express what a phenomenal book this was. It has taken me several weeks to write the review because I wanted to make sure I got it just right.

First off, I can't believe this was a debut novel. It was so beautifully written. The plot was so unique and refreshingly paranormal-less ;-) Once I started, I could not put it down. Seth is an undercover cop that falls in love with Maggie. Beautiful, unloved, co-dependent Maggie. What I love most about her is that even though she had every right to be, Maggie never played the victim. She and Seth begin a powerful journey together that's so pure and full of romance. Even without sex (Yes ladies, he is saving himself for marriage), their relationship is overflowing with passion.
Seth's friends Cole and Booker completely stole my heart. The way they all look after each other and rally around Maggie had my heart completely bursting; they were a family.

The story is told mainly from Seth and Maggie's POV. Usually I don't like it when an author bounces back and forth, but Sherry Gammon pulls it off beautifully. It drew me closer to the characters and allowed perspective that only enhanced the story. The author was able to realistically portray a story of abuse, love, co-dependency, romance, and triumph in a way that was far beyond most books I've read.

The sequels are bitter/sweet for me. I was so in love with Cole and Booker that the idea of a story surrounding them makes me jump up and down. However, I became so attached to Maggie and Seth; I would love the story to progress around their developing relationship. Even though they may not be the center characters in future books, I have a feeling they will remain part of the story. Can't wait to find out!!!

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