Monday, November 5, 2012

Touching Souls in Peril review!

Touching Souls in Peril review.  Thank you so much your your amazing words, Beckie!! (Caution: Spoiler alert!)  Here is an unspoiler section of the 5 star review if you don't like spoilers;}}

To feel and experience what JD/Max had to deal with and fight up against. The story is so deep and there are so much more that happens than what I wrote above. Souls in Peril touched my heart more than any book ever has. I love a book that once done reading it you feel like you can walk away lighter and uplifted. Sherry writes this story for both a bully and those who are bullied can find find hope or see the errors of their wrong ways. The story truly spoke to me and touched my soul. In The beginning of the book I was hooked, and left breathless. In the end I was blown away and left in tears. One of the many wonderful things I loved about Souls in Peril is Sherry's ability to have such an expressive writing style. The reader can sense and feel every raw emotion good or bad during the book. She made me feel like I was right there in the book living through JD.

I cannot recommend this book enough to everyone. Trust me, read it and tell me you did not shed a tear or learn something about yourself. Being bullied myself most of my life during school was so very hard for me, some days I just wanted to give up. I just wish I would have had THIS book for me to read when I too was a Soul in Peril. Yes, I know this is one of my longest reviews, and if you have read it up to now then give yourself a gold star. All kidding aside please, please, please read this beautiful book. I guarantee you'll not regret it.

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