Saturday, November 24, 2012


Open thank you AND a FREE gift… wait... aren't all gifts free?:}}
 Anyway, I’d like to thank everyone who has read my work from the bottom of my heart, especially Unlovable, my first novel with all its rookie mistakes). Mere words can’t express my appreciation.
I’m especially grateful for those who took the time to not only read it, but review it also. Reviews are so important to authors. and they mean the difference between great sales and no sales. For that alone I can’t thank you enough.
For those who've told their friends/ family about my work, I want to thank you also. This past year and a half has been a wonderful, exciting journey I could never have imagined. Unlovable is now being made into a movie, and it is being translated and published by Maxim Publisher in Hungary, of all places. This is due in large part to you and your response to my work.
Souls in Peril, my latest novel, is now on its way up the charts, and for that I thank you also.
But, talk is cheap! So to show you my gratitude, I’m offering you an eCopy of my novella Pete& Tink as a gift! Here is a synopsis of this short story:

High school Pete Pancerella loves two things in life: Video games and Spongy Cremes.
He’s happy, content, and he’s also a geek.
All that is about to change when his mother wishes upon a star and Tink answers the call. But will it take more than a five-and-a-half inch faery to whip this manga-loving goofball into shape?

It will be available for five days beginning TUESDAY, November 27th so hurry.


  1. Thank you so much, Sherry! I'm so excited to read another of your fabulous books :D

    I'm so happy and thrilled for your success. No one deserves it more!

    Gena Robertson