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Blog tour stop for Tifani Clark's Haven Waiting!

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Blog tour schedule


Blurb: Fifteen-year-old Jamie Peters is a Soul Saver. She helps ghosts finish their business and move on. When a mysterious map comes into her possession, she knows a new adventure is waiting. With the help of her friends, Peter and Camille, she follows the map. Her friends hope to find treasure, but Jamie suspects there is more to the map than riches. She never imagined the map would lead her to Haven—and a book of spells. 
Haven Mills was accused of practicing witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials. Unlike the other women hung during the trials, Haven wasn’t as innocent as she claimed to be. In one moment of weakness and desperation, she did something sinister—something that has been bringing evil to the world for centuries. 

Jamie promises to help Haven, but the reality of what that promise entails comes back to haunt her as she fights not only for Haven’s soul, but for her own as well. 

My thoughts: Jamie the Soul Saver is at it again. This time she has to help Haven, a girl killed for being a witch...because she was. But don't worry, she was a good witch...most of the time.
I loved this story. I enjoyed getting to know Haven and I loved reacquainting myself with Jamie (one of my all-time favorite fictional characters!). This is a great read. I enjoyed it as much, if not more than the first book by Tifani, Shadow of a Life, another fun amazing book. Highly recommend!

Tifani Clark grew up on a farm in southeastern Idaho (yes, that’s where they grow all the potatoes) as the middle of five children. She had a lot of space to imagine and daydream and often pictured herself as a character in one of the many books she read. She was habitually found pretending to be Scarlet O’Hara. Tifani loves mystery and hates it when one goes unsolved. She is married to the love of her life and is the mother to four fabulous children. When not writing, she enjoys playing the violin and piano and traveling to new places. She especially enjoys visits to national parks and places of historical significance.

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