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Got a wonderful review today on  Lisa's reads

“Unlovable” (Book one in the Port Fare Series) by Sherry Gammon

I know that I date myself when I use references (in my posts) from my childhood but so many of those memories have shaped the person that I have turned into. If we are being honest, those of you who are at least old enough to remember the references I allude to, must admit..that they usually bring a smile to your face as well.  To those of you “young” people (I am so grateful that you are here)…take a minute to Google “my memories” you may get a giggle yourself.  Usually the “cheesy” factor is sky high…Yes!!! I said “cheesy”.  Dating myself once again…Heehee!!
Deniece Williams sang, “Let’s hear it for the boy!” in the 1984 movie Footloose.  I haven’t seen the 2011 release, so I don’t know if Ms. Williams sang the song again or if it was covered by someone else. Regardless, when I think of the song, it’s Deniece Williams I hear in my mind.  I found that song coming to the forefront of my mind during my reading of Sherry Gammon’s “Unlovable”.  No! Not because the book made me think of Kevin Bacon. Nor did it make me want to dance…it just made me want to cheer for the “Good” guys.
Set in Port Fare, a fictional town in up-state New York, Sherry Gammon sets the stage for what will be a heart-breaking, tender, unnerving, often frustrating, yet equally loving contemporary romance novel(s).  As you know, I am a HUGE fan of the “strong” woman. I usually love how the heroines in the novels I read are rock steady.  They do as much “saving” as the heroes do. That being said, I truly enjoyed watching our heroine, Maggie, being “saved”  (I will use the term loosely…you know I won’t give away any treasures here!!).  While Maggie is a “strong” girl and a character that one can look up to… she needs help and support.  I loved watching her find her “rock(s)”.
“Let’s hear it for the boy!!” Or in this case “the boys”.  Ms. Gammon has written three incredible heroes for the Port Fare series. ( Oh stop it!!! Get your mind out of the’s not that kind of book!! Heehee!!)  Seth is the leading man in “Unlovable”.  He is warm, smart and witty.  He is strong without being intimidating and protective without being condescending.  I couldn’t help but to fall a little bit in love with him myself.   While this is Sherry Gammon’s first series, she has already done something that makes her a “great” series writer (by my definition).  You may not remember, but in an earlier post I explained that a “great” series writer (by my definition) will introduce the reader to all the main characters (and future main characters) in the first book and build on them during the books that follow.  Ms. Gammon did a stellar job of not only introducing her readers to Seth but also to Cole and Booker, Seth’s best friends and our future heroes!  Cole and Booker had vital roles in “Unlovable” and frankly they had a sneaky way of stealing the scenes when given the opportunity to do so.  I can’t wait to see them again!
While weaving her story, Ms. Gammon takes us on a tour through Port Fare.  Amongst our view we see the streets, the parks, the hospital, and the high school.  We see a very real picture of what high schools all over our country look like once you step inside the building.  While I am sure it is not representative of ALL high schools, judging by what I hear on the news and read in the papers, it certainly isn’t a rarity.  Ms. Gammon was able to create her fiction while still showing her readers a reality that is becoming all too common in our schools…bullying and drug use/abuse.  I commend Ms. Gammon in her ability to write her story without becoming preachy.  It is clear just by reading “Unlovable” that the topics discussed are near and dear to Ms. Gammon’s heart.
“Unlovable” is the first book in Sherry Gammon’s Port Fare series.  Book two, “Unbelievable” and book three, “Unbearable” have not yet been released and I was unable to find release dates as of yet.   This is exciting…according to Ms. Gammon’s Facebook page, “Unlovable” has “…just been signed to be made into a movie…”.  So get reading!
Right about here is when I usually give a warning if a book contains sexually explicate material.  This book does NOT.  However, I do have a warning for you… As I have mentioned several times…”Unlovable” is book One in the Port Fare series.  This is not a standalone book.  While there is not a cliff hanger, the plot is not tied up.  So please don’t get angry with me when you close the cover and all of your questions aren’t answered. (Wink!)
As always, I can’t wait to hear from you.

Thanks, Lisa!!

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