Friday, December 27, 2013

Hungarian edition of Unlovable called Szerethetetlen

Unlovable volt Fordította magyarra!
For all those who don't speak Hungarian, I said Unlovable was translated into Hungarian! At least I hope that is want I said since I don't speak it myself. (Thank you Google Translator!) One thing that was easy to translate, however, were the FIVE stars in the reviews!!! Below is their cover (!) and the links to the reviews...just in case you understand Hungarian ;}  Of course if you use Google Chrome as your browser, they translated it for you...with a few quirks! Chrome translates the word she as he, along with a few other strange words , but it is still fun to read! 

Here are some of the reviews and the Hungarian cover!

Eddig, a regény egyre csodálatos értékelés Magyarországon! (So far, the novel is getting amazing reviews in Hungary!)
Köszönöm, Maxim Könyvkiadó Kft   (Thank you, Maxim Publishing Ltd)

Olvassa el őket itt: (Read them here:)
Hungarian cover!

US Cover

                                      Trailer in Hungarian

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  1. How exciting! How cool to have reviews in different languages. Awesome that they are 5 star! Yeah! :)