Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Looking for an Editor??

Looking for an editor?? I recently hired a TERRIBLE editor to work on Souls in Peril. She was just starting out, and in college, so I thought I'd help her out. DISASTER! It took a month and all she did was insert commas. Really? A month for 200 commas? Yeah, What a waste of time and $$$.
Juli Caldwell, a friend and fellow author, started an editing business called Firefly Editing Services so I thought I'd give her a try next. What did I have to lose but time and more $$$, right? Not only was she quick, but she did an outstanding job! I can recommend her with confidence! She fixed errors, along with tense problems. She even pointed out a few problematic story line issues that I easily fixed by adding a line or two. In other words, she did what an editor should do!!
Editors matter, especially for Indie writers. Last month I had Unlovable re-edited by two different editors. Sara, the woman writing the screenplay for Unlovable, wanted me to change a few things in the novel for the movie, minor things like having turn Maggie 18 at the start of the story. Since I had to make these change I decided to have Unlovable re-edited and polished up after some readers mentioned finding typos. It is amazing what you think is a polished manuscript is in fact still flawed. Your eyes see what you meant to write, and their eyes see what is actually there! I can't emphasis enough the importance of hiring a good editor, and choosing one with a solid reputation.
Lesson learned!
Thanks Juli, and thanks to the many good editors that make us authors look semi intelligent!

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