Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Free on Amazon starting at midnight tonight! JERICHO SOLUS!

A friend of mine, Jeffery Moore, wrote an amazing novel titled Jericho Solus. It’s an adult –no, not Shades of Gray kind of adult;}-speculative novel with a touch of Sci-Fi. If you like the twists and turns of a good Hitchcock novel, you’ll love Jericho Solus. Jeffery is a talented author who has a gift for writing. His style is almost poetic. You can actually see what he is saying with his showing the reader not telling the reader style. His visuals are amazing and vivid! He could make green Jello with shaved carrot sound appetizing!This will be offered for free on Amazon for one day, starting at midnight. I’ll repost this tomorrow to remind you. Just wanted to give you the heads up today!

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