Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review and giveaway

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REVIEW: You know how you read a book and you follow by saying it was a "great, emotional read". But when it comes down to it, it's often superficial (oh it's so sad she has to choose one guy over the other) heartbreak that in the grand scheme of thing, are unimportant. Now this… this was the real deal; Real, raw, undeniable emotions run through the pages of this amazing book. Really, I can't praise it enough. It's an eye opener and while writing this review, with a heart doubled in size, I'm experiencing a world wind of emotions just by reminiscing what I've read. If you aren't touched by this novel at all, you are definitely a rock. We have a remarkable cast of characters in this book. First we meet Maggie. Maggie - I can't say enough about this wonderful, outstanding girl. Having been told she is a stupid brat that should never have been born, by her alcoholic mother, she has incredible strength with a resolve that is simply admirable. She will undoubtedly dig herself into everyone's hearts and you will love her as if she was your own daughter in need of so much more than she's getting. Don't expect her to be perfect, full of self confidence or even have great judgment; what she goes through throughout this novel is heartbreaking in every sense of the word, which is bound to have an impact on someone's way of thinking. I'm not one to cry while reading, but if I would have let myself, I could have easily bawled my eyes out with this one. But I didn't, only because I simply HAD to keep reading. I had to know that she would just be ok. This sh*t happens. Every day kids go hungry because they are unfortunate to have been born to alcoholic, drug abused parents. This is what makes this novel so incredibly heartbreaking. Not because she has to choose between hot guy #1, or hotter guy #2; but because Maggie's problems are rooted; genuine. Then we meet a fantastic team of side characters who are all equally as important as Maggie. Seth, Cole and Booker are the sweetest, most incredible group of guys that love unconditionally and become the rock in Maggie's life - the much needed rock. I loved how they were all portrayed. They felt like older brothers we all want to have. They are simply honest to goodness, good-hearted people. Seth, being the love interest, is the one we delve into the most. This was a true romance. Nothing fluffy, nothing instant. It was hard, it was heartbreaking, it was one of the best romance in YA I've read in a long time. However, don't expect it to be the center of it all. It plays a pretty big part, but this is, first and foremost, the story of Maggie's tragic life. Unlovable has everything a contemporary can offer. Over the raw emotions and romantic aspect, we also have a murder mystery that is always in the back of your mind. When will the killer make his appearance again? There's always this small fear nagging at you anytime Maggie goes out on her own. I really enjoyed that twist in the otherwise deeply heartfelt story. It was surprisingly a great mix. Really, I want to give a virtual standing ovation to Sherry Gammon for this novel that I can not express into words how much I loved. I want everyone to read this. I then want you to give it to your mom, your grandmother, your whole family, even read it to your dog, because this story… it needs to be shared.

5 Hot Espressos(Stars)

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  1. I already entered your giveaway- but I just now read your review. WOW! What a fantastic review- they way you explained the book makes me want to start reading it right now. The emotional aspect has me very curious! :)