Monday, November 7, 2011

Bet you will like this book!

Jen, Goth girl, bets her fellow Goth'ers she can turn straight-laced, nerdy boy Trevor…I mean Trev, bad. The prize for winning? A lip piercing paid for by her buddies.
Trev is surprised by Jen's new found fascination of him. He has reservations about her motive, but he is just too nerdy to think this Goth girl has dishonorable intentions.
And so the fun begins.
Ms. Bennett has a gift. Geek Girl is fun, witty, enchanting, and wonderful. I laughed, nodded in agreement, and cried as I devoured each page. When it was done, I felt sad, as if I'd lost a friend. I will definitely be rereading it…Oh wait, I already did! Yes, it is that good.
Ms. Bennett's clever use of nicknames moves the story along and provides a visual without endless pages of description some authors put you though. Example: One character is dubbed: "Mrs. Brady/ Cleaver," by Ms. Bennett, and you know EXACTLY what this woman is like by those three little words. Love it. There's The Dorks, The Mouse, The Fosters (her foster parents…I'll talk about that in a minute), and many more.
Each character is well developed and interesting. No frivolous characters or fillers here, just pure story. I fell in love with Trev. He is sweet, funny and completely nerdy; who doesn't love a good nerd.
And Jen, with her attitude, and Goth hair and makeup. My heart bled for this poor girl. Thanks to her nefarious father and equally horrible mother, Jen is forced into foster care. It doesn't take long for her to become jaded by the broken government system. What I really appreciate about Geek Girl is that the author didn't take pot-shots at foster parents. As a former foster parent myself, there are a lot of wonderful people trying to make a difference in the lives of these kids that are labeled as "Throw away." It is refreshing to see the good side of foster care exposed.
I loved being inside the head of Jen. Her sarcasm is hilarious. Despite her resistance, we watch Jen rise to the top like cream as love invades her soul and as she begins to see the world in a new light.
My favorite part is when The Fosters… Hmm, maybe I should let you discover that for yourself!
I do have ONE COMPLAINT about Geek Girl: Why did it have to end?

I was given an advanced read copy by the publisher in return for a fair, honest review. It did not impede my judgment in any way. Please, my integrity is worth far more than a free copy of a paperback book. Now, if chocolate were to be offered, all bets are off ;}}

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  1. Well done, Sherry. Your review is very accurate. Can't wait for the launch party of Geek Girl :)

  2. Sherry, thank you for your amazing review! I'm so happy you are part of the tour, and I genuinely appreciate your review and offering up space on your blog for me. :o)

  3. Thanks for sharing the "Geek Girl" love over at my blog. I'm a new follower of yours.